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Lawyer for St. Catherine's Monastery says attempts to blackmail monastery continue
  South Sinai (Egypt), May 30 /MCN/ - by Erin Moussa

The Monastery of St. Catherine witnessed another attempt of blackmail in the context of a systematic campaign that has been raised against the monastery for several months.

"On May 18, a person called Abdel Moneim and his brother Nasser, from al-Gibaliya tribe, stormed the Wadi Tarfa Monastery in the St. Catherine area after breaking the outer door of the monastery," said Mounir Sami, legal adviser to the St. Catherine's Monastery, Saturday. "With others, they erected tents and brought their wives and children and dwelt inside the monastery, harassing an 80-year-old monk residing at the monastery."

"As a legal adviser to the monastery, I met Brigadier General Ayman Abdel Aal, officer of St. Catherine Police Station, and told him what had happened," Sami told MCN. "The head of the monastery, Bishop Damianos, went to the officer and spoke to him about the incident."

The lawyer explained that the officer of the police station and all of his staff were very cooperative and tried to contain the crisis amicably in order to prevent strife in South Sinai.

Sami stressed that he also met with state security officials in St. Catherine in order to contain the crisis because there are “plots to destabilize the monastery and the city of St. Catherine by creating sectarian strife between the Bedouins and the monastery.”

He explained that a customary meeting was held to end the problem with Sheikh Ahmed Abu Rashid, a senior leader of the Gibaliya tribe and judicial advisor of the City of St. Catherine, and Mr. Ragab Fox, a businessman in St. Catherine. They agreed to bring the two brothers, Abdel Moneim and Nasser, and asked the monastery to help them financially because they were facing a financial crisis. The monastery agreed and gave them a sum of money and agreed to leave the Tarfa monastery.

Sami said he went to Colonel Mohammed Senusi, the commander of an army battalion in South Sinai in the St. Catherine area, because Senusi interfered in a previous incident when these two persons stormed the monastery on September 24, 2014 and set up tents.

He added that during the meeting with Colonel Sanusi's office, the brothers refused to leave the location, which urged the lawyer to object and tell them that if they did not commit to the agreement, he would inform the Public Prosecution of storming the monastery, which is a crime according to Article 86 of the Penal Code.

"The head of the Monastery of St. Catherine was keen on solving the crisis amicably and met with the monastery's council, which consists of seven monks," the lawyer added. "They decided to grant the brothers a shop within the tourist shops in the entrance to the monastery to be used as a tourist business and agreed to grant them the shop for five years for free, noting that the rent of this shop is 3,000 EGP per month."

"It was a surprise when the two brothers attended with a lawyer from Saleh Yassin's office, the lawyer behind this incident, and they said they wanted to rent the shop for 99 years without paying rent," the lawyer said.

He stressed that he refused and went to the St. Catherine Police Station and filed a complaint against them and they were arrested.

"The tribal elders in St. Catherine intervened for the second time to save the two brothers and the monastery's offer of renting the shop for five years in exchange for canceling the complaint was approved. The crisis was contained wisely and the two brothers left the monastery they occupied," Sami said.

The lawyer stressed that whoever stands behind these plots against the monastery are the people who filed several suits against the monastery

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